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STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The STEM programme as a whole aims to increase young people's STEM skills in order to provide employers with the skills needed for a 21st century workforce and ensure the UK's place as a leader of science-based research and development. In Spring 2012 Manor Academy hosted three super learning days for each year group in key stage 3 to promote "alternative energies".

We aim to carry on from this success and develop our STEM programme further by liaising with industrial links . These links will provide us with the opportunity to enrich, enhance and inspire our learners in "real-life situations" and with real links to future careers in this very specialised area; "STEM careers confront the most important challenges facing the world, from climate change to poverty."

Over the next academic year Manor will be hosting a variety of STEM related activities inside curriculum time and as extra-curricular enhancement and enrichment programmes.

Check back for regular up-dates and up-coming events.