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Social Media Platform

There have never been more ways to engage with Manor Community Academy online than there is today, with the Academy stretching its wings across the social media platform.

So are you following the Academy all across the Internet?

We have highly-successful and interactive Twitter account's which allows students and parents to engage directly with the Academy and ask quick questions.

To complement that, we are also busy on Facebook posting all the latest news and updates from the Academy and also sharing stories and photographs from extra curricular activities.

So make sure you're getting the full picture from Manor Community Academy by following all of our social media channels.

The Official Manor Community Academy Twitter and Facebook pages:-


Other official twitter pages

Y6 Transition @manor_y6
Y7 @manor_anc
Y8 @manor_alo
Y9 @manor_ada
Y10 @manor_ssg
Y11 @manor_pat
Aspirations @manor_levelup
Careers @manor_careers
Community Zone @manor_community
Head Students
Library @manor_library
Art @manor_art
GCSE ICT @manor_gcse_ict
Design Technology @manor_dt
English @manor_english
Geography @manor_geography
Health & Social Care @manor_hsc
History @manor_history
Mathematics @manor_maths
Modern Foreign Languages @manor_mfl
Music @manor_mus1c
Performing Arts @manor_perform
Physical Education @manor_pe
Science @manor_science
Sociology @manor_sociology